Best free keyword research tool

Best free keyword research tool

Best Use of Keywords can be the good result in ranking. Check out the various Keyword research Tools for your website.

Yes, you are reading right, To get your website high rank it’s very important to do good use of keywords in your website post. Before this please have a look at SEO beginner guide to briefly understand the basic of SEO.

Keywords play a vital role in doing SEO as it comes under On page optimization and off-page SEO Optimization. Now let start the use of keyword research with the website.

There are plenty of keyword tools in the market which is free and paid. Let go through them.

1.Google Keyword Planner Tools
At very first I will suggest you go through the google keyword planner tools. It is a free tool to find out a various example of keywords you can use for the website and with the competition rate.
Check the below example you will clearly understand.

google keyword planner tools


KWFinder is a website which gives you the long tail keywords suggestions with the Average Search volume, Cost per click, Pay per click and keyword difficulty. With these best analysis, you can set the best suitable keyword for your website.

The Keyword difficulty should be a range between
Min=0 max= 100
Example Of Keyword graph.
0 – 9: effortless
10 – 19: go for it
20 – 29: easy
30 – 39: still easy
40 – 54: possible
55 – 74: hard
75 – 89: very hard
90 – 100: don’t do it

Here below share example keyword name “SEO GUIDE”

3.Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is a tool which will generate the report of various keywords suggestions with the feature of competition, PPC, and CPC. Also, provide the additional feature of offering keywords from YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, App Store & provides search volume data

Check the below example
keyword tool

4.Free Keyword Research Tool from Wordtracker

Wordtracker is another example of a keyword research tool where you simply need to enter the keyword or the website URL to get hundred of relevant keyword results.

Check The below example

5.Keywords Everywhere

For starting with Keywords Everywhere you need to first download the extension. The installation available for both Chrome or Firefox. The amazing thing that they show using google keyword search volume, CPC and competition Rate of keywords on multiple websites.

Check the example

Hope you like the above information and ready to analysis your keyword report with your favorite keyword tool. For more information regarding the SEO stay tune with Rnuara Services.

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