Getting Started With Google Webmaster Tool

Getting Started With Google Webmaster Tool

Are you using Google Webmaster Tool for your website? if no then you are missing the very important concept of SEO.

Today we will talk about Google Webmaster and its importance. Before that, you should familiar with SEO, types and various features to be used while doing website SEO. You can read  SEO beginner guide for easy understanding.

Sign up with Google Webmaster Tool

Google webmaster is the very first step to be used while doing the SEO. For that its necessary to have Google account and verify your website to the Google. This will with the below steps.

Step 1. Sign up your Google Webmaster account

Step 2. After getting signed in another window will display for the website URL or the android app URL which you want to register with the Google.

Step 3. The next tab will open about the tag for the verification of the website.

Google webmaster

Step 4. Open your website admin page

Step 5. Now go to below path


Step 6. Now open the header.php file make its backup file on your desktop.

Step 7. Now in your header.php, you see the <head> tag, now you have to paste that google verification code after the head tag started. And click to the update file.

Header php file

Step 8. After this go back to your google webmaster account and click on the verify.

Step 9. You are successfully registered with the Google Webmaster Tool.

Step 10. Enjoy the Google Services

Webmaster Tools

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