How Can Simple SEO techniques Generate High Leads for Your Business?

How Can Simple SEO techniques Generate High Leads for Your Business?

Do you want to reach out to a large client base? Do you want high engagement in your website? In that case, you should opt for search engine optimization. In today’s competitive world, we opt for complicated SEO techniques. However, there are few simple techniques that can fetch you the right amount of traffic. Efficient SEO companies India can help you out with some of the most useful strategies up their sleeve.

Title Tags

Title tags are one of the most fundamental attributes of an optimized website. However, many times we tend to overlook their importance.

It reminds me of a situation when a scholar refuses to accept the importance of alphabet in everyday life. He forgets that these very alphabets were the main pillars of his knowledge.

Did you know that if the title tag is not clear, Google is not going to rank your site? Here are the reasons.

  • In order to attract the audience, you can use the standard norm of creating a title tag. The most appropriate tag displays the keyword and the name of the brand.
  • These days, many sites do not come up with proper title tags. Depending on the title of your post, WordPress generates a title tag. An SEO expert can tweak it and offer you a meaningful title tag.
  • Offering effective user experience is an essential responsibility of SEO companies India. The experts make sure that the title tags they create carry a meaning. If the title tags are too short to clarify the meaning of the page, your posts may not even be read. The site is going to end up with a high bounce rate.
  • The experts do not fill the title tags with keywords. They make intelligent use of keywords. The SEO professionals put the keyword at the beginning of the tag. Users can read the keyword enriched title and decide if they want to read the post.

User Experience
To get your site on top of search engine ranking pages, you should offer good user experience. Not only does user experience leads to great SEO, but great SEO to offers good user experience. To highlight the second part of the statement first, we can consider the idea of title tags discussed in the earlier point. Would you visit a site, if the title tag is not clear? Would you continue reading the content of a page, if you realize that the title tag promised you something else?

Getting back to the part where we mentioned user experience leads to great SEO, it can be said that unless users are comfortable navigating through your site, you cannot get the high rank. Now, you must be wondering how to make the site user-friendly. Here are the answers to your question.

  • The site should not show errors on any page.
  • It should have useful content that resolves the issues faced by your audience.
  • An expert from one of the SEO companies India can conduct keyword research and use relevant keywords to optimize your content.


Content can generate engagement on your site, only if it is useful and informative. Do you think that writing many blogs and posting them can bring you high traffic and conversion? Many business owners misunderstand the idea of content and emphasize on posting multiple blogs on the same content in a week. This approach is harmful to your site.

Remember, the marginal utility example our teachers used to give us? A glass of water is useful when you drink for the first time. It gets a little less useful when you have it for the second time. But, when you have to drink it for the 3rd consecutive time, you are fed up. You might as well run away to save yourself from the 4th onslaught of the water attack.


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