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Why Social Media Marketing Is Gaining Much Popularity

Social networks today are growing much more popularity and this would definitely get more heights in coming years.

The internet is a huge option for people wanted to market their businesses. Long before the internet, as a huge option for marketing products, other options were used like TV commercials, billboards and radio and print advertisements as they were the successful parts of that game of the successful marketing, but they today something would have overpowered the same and that is Social Media Marketing because a huge number of people today don’t check the newspapers but they prefer going online. Even the handwritten letters, newspapers for movie times, have taken place by electronically draft mails and online venues respectively. So, it would not be boasting to say that the world today is relying on technology and so plan to take advantage of would work well.

Social networks today are growing much more popularity and this would definitely get more heights in coming years. You can do that with an idea that the 41% age group 20-29 spends around 11 plus hours in a week to social networking sites and 37% of the age group 30-39 devotes their 11 plus hours as well. The younger generation used the same for status, but the older ones usually take it as opportunity of Social Media Marketing for marketing and advertising.

Some common social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs, etc. are few of the most popular social networks available tools they are offering accessibility to a large group of people. Actually social media are a fastest growing marketing tool and if you are not taking advantage of the same then you are highly mistaken. When you are in business, then marketing campaign help in keeping your pace with the competition, so, it is the right time to seek help of the Social Media Management Company, as they would make help you knowing the capabilities of social networks.

Unlike other marketing tools, it’s not actually all about the money because even some of the networks are free. Some inexperienced people can also outsource their social marketing, but the huge issue here is to understand the capabilities and get how positive economic growth it would offer to your company.

Social media marketing is a broadcast of different media forms over social networking technologies and some of the advantages of the same include better exposure, low cost but effective marketing, increased lead generation, increased traffic and gaining new partnerships. It’s been said after surveys that about 88% of marketers who are using social media managed to get increased exposure to their business and they have gained the partnership sin mere time period of 12 months or even less. By spending just 6 hours in a good show you with lead generation increase and also the task would have been done with low cost. Now products, capabilities and tools are there to support you. Social media marketing has the ability for influencing huge numbers of people as it is far better than the out-dated marketing methods. So, it would be best plan to take advantage of this tool.


A layout that tells a story

When a visitor goes to a website, they don’t want to have to wonder if they are in the right place. A good design tells your visitor who you are and leads them to a call to action in a fast, efficient, and pleasing way. A call to action is an instruction to the visitors to provoke a response, whether it be to purchase a product, call a number, fill out a contact form, subscribe to a newsletter, or to learn more. The main call to action is usually included within the hero space that way it is the first thing that users see. The hero space is meant to be the biggest visual attraction on the site, it is the main vessel in which you lead your visitors. This can be achieved by overlaying text & a button on top of rotating imagery (keep the number of images to a max of 5, visitors do not tend to stick around to read/see everything) or even a background video. For the rest of the layout, most is secondary, meaning its information that is to be included and found easily on the site if the visitor tends to look for it. Just remember that whitespace and organization are your friends!

A Great Logo & Color Scheme

If you have a logo with too many colors it can be difficult to incorporate them into branding and web design, especially if they do not really go together like this one:


Basically you don’t want colors that clash, you want colors that complement each other! Contrast is key to drawing attention, take a look at colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel. We chose blue and orange because they are direct compliments of each other and opposites on the color wheel. For more information on what colors to choose, take a look at one of my older posts where I go over colors and their meanings in more details.

Beautiful & Easily Read Typography

If a font is difficult to read, it is normally a sign to STAY AWAY! There are types of fonts out there that are meant more for experimental graphic design and others that are meant for reading. Just because a font looks awesome doesn’t mean it should be used. If the text on your site is hard to read, I guarantee your visitors are going to skip right over it. In one of my other previous posts I have a collection of google web fonts that pair nicely with one another, this might help you in your decision process. If you take a look you’ll see that headings, buttons, navigations normally can be a little more of a designed font, while the paragraph font should always, ALWAYS be as legible as possible.

Stock Photos vs. Real Photography

Within the past couple of years, stock photography has been a huge business. A library where you can find any type of imagery to imaginable. But to be honest they are on the downward slope, stock photos are really starting to all look the same. It doesn’t take a genius to spot one on a site anymore. It has been proven that some visitors will completely ignore the content if they find the visual to be boring, and that’s what stock photos are. Originality is key, it is important show the world you have a personality, you care, and you love what you do. As humans we can relate that if someone loves what they do, they put more love, care, and professionalism into the work, service, or product that they offer (This is a huge secret ingredient!). Be a champ and get real imagery for your website, you will be glad you did!


Whether you’re the owner of a small business or a large corporation, you’re likely a bit familiar with “claiming your business listing on Google.” You’ve received phone calls about it, emails about it, and solicitations from companies that can help you claim your Google business listing. You know you should have a Google listing, but you’re not really sure why or where to start.

Recently, I’ve had a couple clients ask me these very questions. What is this Google My Business page? Why do I need it? Isn’t my website enough?


Having a website is definitely a great first step to building your online presence. However, building a website is similar to building a storefront. If you spend time, money, and resources on creating an amazing store, you’re going to want to spend some time, money, and resources on building the “roads” to get there. Consider your Google My Business listing one of those roads. Additional “roads” to your website include pay-per-click and general search engine optimization. See the graphic below to understand the roads I’m referring to.

Gyms Bonita Springs

  • Google AdWords (paid search results – in blue)
  • Search engine optimization (adding quality, relevant content to your website that targets your desired market – in red)
  • Local SEO (claiming local listings, such as Google My Business – in yellow)

If leveraged properly, you’re able to dominate the first page of Google for searches related to your industry.


One key point to understand is that your Google My Business page helps your business show up in the local search results section of Google. These results are displayed based on a number of different factors and can be different for each user. For example, if I search for the keyword “restaurants” from our Bonita Springs office, here is what I am presented with.

Bonita Springs Restaurants

However, if I change up my search just slightly to include “restaurants Bonita Springs,” I’m presented with 3 entirely different options.

Bonita Springs Restaurants

Showing up in this local search area of Google, or the Google 3-Pack as it’s now called, means that you are in front of a potential customer already searching for your goods/services – at no additional advertising cost to you.


How Can Simple SEO techniques Generate High Leads for Your Business?

Do you want to reach out to a large client base? Do you want high engagement in your website? In that case, you should opt for search engine optimization. In today’s competitive world, we opt for complicated SEO techniques. However, there are few simple techniques that can fetch you the right amount of traffic. Efficient SEO companies India can help you out with some of the most useful strategies up their sleeve.

Title Tags

Title tags are one of the most fundamental attributes of an optimized website. However, many times we tend to overlook their importance.

It reminds me of a situation when a scholar refuses to accept the importance of alphabet in everyday life. He forgets that these very alphabets were the main pillars of his knowledge.

Did you know that if the title tag is not clear, Google is not going to rank your site? Here are the reasons.

  • In order to attract the audience, you can use the standard norm of creating a title tag. The most appropriate tag displays the keyword and the name of the brand.
  • These days, many sites do not come up with proper title tags. Depending on the title of your post, WordPress generates a title tag. An SEO expert can tweak it and offer you a meaningful title tag.
  • Offering effective user experience is an essential responsibility of SEO companies India. The experts make sure that the title tags they create carry a meaning. If the title tags are too short to clarify the meaning of the page, your posts may not even be read. The site is going to end up with a high bounce rate.
  • The experts do not fill the title tags with keywords. They make intelligent use of keywords. The SEO professionals put the keyword at the beginning of the tag. Users can read the keyword enriched title and decide if they want to read the post.

User Experience
To get your site on top of search engine ranking pages, you should offer good user experience. Not only does user experience leads to great SEO, but great SEO to offers good user experience. To highlight the second part of the statement first, we can consider the idea of title tags discussed in the earlier point. Would you visit a site, if the title tag is not clear? Would you continue reading the content of a page, if you realize that the title tag promised you something else?

Getting back to the part where we mentioned user experience leads to great SEO, it can be said that unless users are comfortable navigating through your site, you cannot get the high rank. Now, you must be wondering how to make the site user-friendly. Here are the answers to your question.

  • The site should not show errors on any page.
  • It should have useful content that resolves the issues faced by your audience.
  • An expert from one of the SEO companies India can conduct keyword research and use relevant keywords to optimize your content.


Content can generate engagement on your site, only if it is useful and informative. Do you think that writing many blogs and posting them can bring you high traffic and conversion? Many business owners misunderstand the idea of content and emphasize on posting multiple blogs on the same content in a week. This approach is harmful to your site.

Remember, the marginal utility example our teachers used to give us? A glass of water is useful when you drink for the first time. It gets a little less useful when you have it for the second time. But, when you have to drink it for the 3rd consecutive time, you are fed up. You might as well run away to save yourself from the 4th onslaught of the water attack.



The following article talks about the advantages of creating an e-commerce app and provides various techniques to survive the heat of e-commerce market that seems to be growing with every passing second.

The market of e-commerce is growing and expanding with every step and is constantly seeping into every nook and corner of technology. The market has already reached the mobile-platform with increasing number of smart-phone and tablet users and has given rise to M-commerce or mobile-commerce. It has been seen that most of the population prefers to shop on their smart-phones and even studies have concluded that smart-phones have higher penetration in the market which measures up to 90%. The studies were conducted by Andrew Lipsman, vice-president from comScore and emphasized on the need of targeting the population of smart-phone and tablet users.

If you want your business to step up to the mobile-platform then it is necessary to create a responsive website or a website that can accessed by tablets, smart-phones and PCs. Such websites need to be creatively created and it should be known that creation of website is just the primary step and the real challenge lies in creation of content, incorporating the keywords and then optimizing the keywords on various search engines. Since there’s a vast number of smart-phone and tablet users, an appropriate e-commerce app also needs to be created. Decision making on various levels is involved in creating a web application and an entrepreneur would have to go through the hassles of strategizing, planning, researching, designing, programming, testing and training. To avoid such hassles it is advisable to hire a firm that specializes in creation of responsive websites as well as web applications. While going for building a web application, make sure it is compatible with various operating softwares such as Symbian, Android or even iOS.

One may think that a responsive website suffices the need of an e-commerce application but you can’t be more w3rong as applications have become tremendously popular and are being seen as a way of gaining customer loyalty. An application gives the customers an easy way to access the online store and compare the price of various products, they can also be in a constant touch with your enterprise and it makes it convenient for you to reach out to them and provide various discounts and cash-back offers. Moreover, every entrepreneur should hire the services of any organization that provides e-commerce solutions because these services helps to create a brand image and advertises your enterprise on various social media platforms. Combining the advantages of social media with app creation is something which will definitely help you survive in the burgeoning e-commerce market.


Almost every business today avails web application development services to promote its products and services. Read on to know about the phases in web application development. From a simplistic source of vast information, Internet has now turned into a big player that has revolutionized the world. Today, it is quite normal to see a large number of investors showing interest in online businesses and a multitude of other ventures related to the Internet. Fields like media and communication today would be lopsided without the Internet. The reason for the same is the extensive use of web applications. The exact definition of a web application is still unclear to some people. A program or set of programs implemented with the help of a browser is known as a web application. Mostly these applications are utilized by businesses, small, mediocre as well as large. These business interact with their clients with the help of these applications for a number of purposes, such as:

Informing clients about any new product arrivals
Getting feedback from clients
With the increase in the number of Internet users, availing web application development services has become a trend among businesses. A number of strategies and policies can be effectively implemented with the help of these applications. Some of these also help businesses communicate with each other over a secure network. Mentioned below are some of the basic phases involved in web application development:

Understanding the Motive of the Project:
This phase mainly involves establishment of goals by the management team and developers handling the project. Here, the constraints for the project are defined and schedules are planned. Also, it is determined whether multiple versions of the applications are to be created or not. This phase ends with a clear documentation stating the accomplishments of the application. The same approach is followed when you avail mobile application design services.

Make a Plan:
Each and every “how” of the web application project is taken care of during this phase. Some of the major questions include: 1. Which scripting language to use? 2. Which features to include? 3. What is the estimated time for project completion? With the above questions answered, developers will have a better understanding of the functional specifications of the project and hence the time frame for each and every task can be determined. Web design and development services in India always include the above-mentioned phases.