The following article talks about the advantages of creating an e-commerce app and provides various techniques to survive the heat of e-commerce market that seems to be growing with every passing second.

The market of e-commerce is growing and expanding with every step and is constantly seeping into every nook and corner of technology. The market has already reached the mobile-platform with increasing number of smart-phone and tablet users and has given rise to M-commerce or mobile-commerce. It has been seen that most of the population prefers to shop on their smart-phones and even studies have concluded that smart-phones have higher penetration in the market which measures up to 90%. The studies were conducted by Andrew Lipsman, vice-president from comScore and emphasized on the need of targeting the population of smart-phone and tablet users.

If you want your business to step up to the mobile-platform then it is necessary to create a responsive website or a website that can accessed by tablets, smart-phones and PCs. Such websites need to be creatively created and it should be known that creation of website is just the primary step and the real challenge lies in creation of content, incorporating the keywords and then optimizing the keywords on various search engines. Since there’s a vast number of smart-phone and tablet users, an appropriate e-commerce app also needs to be created. Decision making on various levels is involved in creating a web application and an entrepreneur would have to go through the hassles of strategizing, planning, researching, designing, programming, testing and training. To avoid such hassles it is advisable to hire a firm that specializes in creation of responsive websites as well as web applications. While going for building a web application, make sure it is compatible with various operating softwares such as Symbian, Android or even iOS.

One may think that a responsive website suffices the need of an e-commerce application but you can’t be more w3rong as applications have become tremendously popular and are being seen as a way of gaining customer loyalty. An application gives the customers an easy way to access the online store and compare the price of various products, they can also be in a constant touch with your enterprise and it makes it convenient for you to reach out to them and provide various discounts and cash-back offers. Moreover, every entrepreneur should hire the services of any organization that provides e-commerce solutions because these services helps to create a brand image and advertises your enterprise on various social media platforms. Combining the advantages of social media with app creation is something which will definitely help you survive in the burgeoning e-commerce market.

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