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Navjot Singh

Founder & CEO

Meet Navjot, the visionary leader behind our dynamic software development company. Beyond the world of coding and algorithms, Navjot is a passionate cyclist who finds solace and inspiration on two wheels. A firm believer in the power of social connections, Navjot seamlessly blends work and play.


Parminder Singh



Meet our Chief Technology Officer, Parminder, the brilliant mind behind the technological innovation driving our IT company. Known for their love of parties and socializing, Parminder understands the importance of fostering connections both inside and outside the workplace.


Kamar Alam

Tech Head (Web)


Introducing Kamar Alam, the driving force behind our Web Development Division. More than just a leader, Alam is a tech enthusiast who thrives on the continuous quest for knowledge, with a particular passion for studying and adopting new technologies.


Reena Singh

Delivery Head


Meet our Delivery Head, Reena, the strategic force overseeing the seamless delivery of projects within our software company. Beyond the realm of project timelines and deliverables, Reena is an avid reader with a profound love for history and religion. In the fast-paced world of technology, Reena finds solace and inspiration in the stories of the past and the spiritual richness found in religious texts.


Tushar Dixit

Team Lead


Meet Tushar, the fitness enthusiast and driving force behind our software development team. Beyond the lines of code and project timelines, Tushar is a dedicated fitness freak who finds inspiration in staying active and tracking their progress. Known for their disciplined approach to both coding and workouts, Tushar brings a unique blend of technical prowess and physical resilience to the team.


Shammi Kumar

Tech Head (Mobile)


Meet Shammi, the dynamic leader at the helm of our Mobile Development Division. With a smartphone in one hand and a passion for travel in the other, Shammi approaches mobile development with a global perspective. Drawing inspiration from the richness of different landscapes and experiences, they infuse creativity and innovation into every project.


Dinesh Kumar

Sr. Developer (Android)


Meet our lead Android developer, Dinesh, whose coding prowess is matched only by his love for cricket, trekking, and music. Whether on the field, exploring nature's trails, or immersed in melodies, Dinesh finds joy in balancing his tech expertise with outdoor adventures and the harmonies of life.


Monika Kalsi

Manager HR


Meet our vibrant HR Manager, Monika, whose passion for people shines through her love for engaging conversations. When not nurturing the team, she's crafting culinary delights in the kitchen or unwinding to soulful melodies. Maya embodies warmth, fostering connections, flavors, and harmonies in both work and life.


Faiz Alam

Developer (.net)


Meet our dynamic .NET developer, Faiz, driven by an insatiable curiosity for the latest technologies. With a thirst for knowledge, Faiz delves into the newest advancements, constantly expanding expertise. Whether mastering frameworks or exploring innovations, Faiz embodies a relentless pursuit of staying at the forefront of the tech landscape.


Gurpreet Singh

Developer (iOS)


Meet Gurpreet, our talented iOS developer, who finds joy in gaming, swimming, hiking, and motorcycle rides. Balancing coding with adrenaline-fueled adventures, Gurpreet embodies versatility, mastering digital realms and conquering real-world challenges with equal enthusiasm.


Lucky Thakur

Sr. Developer (Python)


Meet Lucky, our Python lead developer, who finds solace in coding and the open road. When not immersed in scripts, Lucky explores new horizons on his beloved bike, embracing the freedom of travel. With a passion for adventure, he thrives on the thrill of the journey as much as the destination.


Divyanshi Jamwal

Developer (Python)


Meet Divyanshi, our Python developer, constantly exploring the latest advancements in technology. From mastering algorithms to developing innovative applications, she thrives in the dynamic world of coding. Beyond the digital realm, Divyanshi finds solace in the nurturing embrace of her garden.n the quiet moments between coding and gardening, Divyanshi immerses herself in the enchanting world of novels.


Tripti Kumari

QA specialist


Meet Tripti, our meticulous QA specialist, whose love for precision is matched only by her passion for exploration and culinary creativity. When not ensuring quality in software, Tripti is whipping up exotic dishes or jet-setting to new destinations, savoring the flavors of both worlds with zest and precision.

Few Momements Together

We at RNaura believe that fostering strong connections and building a sense of camaraderie among our team members is key to a thriving and successful workplace. We understand the importance of spending time together not only in the office but also through various events that allow us to bond, collaborate, and have fun outside of the daily grind.


Quaterly Socials

To keep the camaraderie alive on a regular basis, we organize monthly social events. Whether it's a casual Friday happy hour, themed costume parties, or team lunches, these events allow us to relax, laugh, and strengthen our bonds in a more informal setting.


Team retreat

Very often, we embark on a memorable team retreat where we take a break from our regular work routine and immerse ourselves in a weekend of team-building activities, workshops, and relaxation.


Celebrating Milestones

We believe in recognizing and celebrating both professional and personal milestones. From work anniversaries and project successes to birthdays and life events, our team comes together to share in the joy and show our appreciation for one another.